Portland, Maine and Charleston, South Carolina USA


Port and Terminal Master Planning

Massachusetts Port Authority, Boston, MA

- Short and long term marine terminal design segment of the Conley Terminal expansion and access project.

Gantry Crane Handling Ship.JPGThe facility, located in South Boston and adjacent to a sensitive neighborhood, involves the development of 50 acres of newly acquired terminal property. Project included a vessel size and capacity analysis based on harbor configuration, airport restrictions, channel depths and characteristics related to vessel size and construction.  

Port of New London, Connecticut, USA

: Master planning study for the Port of New London operated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The project included site assessment, functionality analysis, commodity handling analysis and a business development plan.

newlonc-Port of New London Master Plan


Clean Energy Center, Massachusetts, USA

- Mass Energy Offshore Wind Project Port and infrastructure analysis for an offshore wind energy study.
Responsible for the port waterway and shoreside access analysis, climate and marine route analysis and terminal development master planning for the fabrication of offshore wind energy project turbines. Included an analysis of vessel types and logistics cycles for equipment delivery and handling.

Department of Homeland Security US Customs Pre-Clearance Facility

Developed the framework for a US Customs pre-clearance and marine border crossing facility and identified potential areas of application for US-Canadian marine highway trade.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

: Functionality analysis for the Port of Victoria BC on master and strategic planning development.



Project identified port business development projects, infrastructure renewal and utilization of existing marine infrastructure as well as harbor marine navigation issues. Study made recommendations regarding on site utilization to improve the port’s cruise ship shore operations including customer service and Customs requirements. Victoria is Canada’s largest cruise ship port of call. The study also included an analysis of a potential Ro-Pax operation being proposed for the port and reviewed their current ferry operations.



Goldsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada

: Master site, business and operational plans for the Goldsboro LNG and petroleum facility in Nova Scotia. The study included master site planning for marine infrastructure, support buildings and a rail facility. The project involved the development of a business plan, operations plan, safety plan and marine navigation plan for the petroleum and LNG facilities.

Churchill, Manitoba

-Churchill, Manitoba Master Plan Master Seaport Plan which looked at port and rail transportation infrastructure including supply chain activities related to the transportation of commodities to the communities around Hudson Bay. The project also required a comprehensive review of infrastructure and operations and development of a strategic action plan for port and transportation improvements.



Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada

-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Master Plan Project Manager-Master Seaport Plan for Yarmouth Nova Scotia. The project focused on a redevelopment of port properties to optimize them for community and marine business use. It also looked at freight and commodity movement and potential connections between Nova Scotia and New England including freight and passenger services.

Department of Economic and Community Development, City of New York

Completed the site master planning component for a feasibility study for the Rossville Staten Island waterfront property owned by the City of New York. The master planning component focused on the potential redevelopment of the site for marine use including maritime industry support services and commodity transshipment.


Master Plan and Business Development Study


Managed the Port of Souris, PEI, operated by the Souris Harbour Authority Inc, business development study for the port. The Study included the determination of the port’s strengths and weaknesses, analysis of infrastructure, assessment of export and import opportunities, prioritizing opportunities and the most promising opportunities to target and pursue, recommendations on any required improvements to port infrastructure in order to capitalize on identified target opportunities, profile business case of targeted opportunity with necessary arrangements required to solidify commitments with identified shipping company(s) and shippers, and the preparation of a time sensitive action plan to solidify commitments. The firm provided the port with a comprehensive overview of it facilities, outlined infrastructure needs including harbour dredging and provided a comprehensive Strategic Action Plan for the port to assist them in targeting port improvements, infrastructure investment and probable business opportunities. The final evaluation also included staffing additions and government related activities. 

Strategic Planning and Freight Transportation

Innovation Prince Edward Island

The analysis of comparative transportation modes and pricing study for commodities moving to and from the Island to the US mid-west and Central Canada. The study also looked at potential marine transportation connections and associated vessel and port costs.  

New Jersey Department of Transportation

- Analysis of New Jersey based port industry for NJDOT. Project looked at port and waterfront properties, waterfront planning, rail and roadway access, maritime support sector business activities, marine industrial activities and other factors related to the development of a strategic action plan for the State.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Maritime Support Services Study

Massachusetts Department of Transportation, USA

: Completed the maritime portion of the Commonwealth Freight Transportation Plan which looked at port access and multi-modal connection for freight. The plan reviewed all of the ports in the State and focused on their competitive advantages and disadvantages. The review also included cargo and marine business opportunities including offshore wind, short sea shipping and associated port activities.

Newtown Creek Marine Terminal

- Development of the berthing and marine/rail interface plan for the Newtown Creek Marine Terminal near New York’s East River. The client wanted to expand rail operations on site without compromising potential future marine use. The project also identified potential vessel types proposed for the facility.

Harbor and Navigation

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, USA

- Bayonne Bridge which required a marine navigation and port access alternatives study and a review of infrastructure changes that limited the access of post-Panamax ships into the port’s marine terminals.

Kill Van Kull, Bayonne Bridge, From Faber Park, Port Richmond, Staten IslandBayonne Bridge

Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

: Marine navigation study for the proposed Richmond Marine Terminal berth and pier expansion project and separate study for the proposed berth 3 cruise ship expansion project.

Port at a Glance

St. Lawrence River, Canada

: Analysis of harbor limitations in the St. Lawrence River which focused on water level and infrastructure constraints, vessel size and capacity limitations.

Churchill, Manitoba

: Marine navigation analysis of the port to determine port limitations in regard to vessel size and identification of marine aids to navigation enhancements.

Clean Energy Center, Massachusetts, USA

: Offshore route and transportation lane planning project including port access, offshore operations, climate and marine travel route analysis.

Logistics and Port Business Development

Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

: Business development studies which included assessing potential business opportunities, comparative study with other Canadian and US ports, potential export opportunities for Halifax and opportunities for increased trade between selected US ports and Halifax and peer reviews of terminal master planning efforts.

Port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

: Business development plan which involved a rail and facility analysis and business development plan based on regional commodity and handling flow.








GNV Ferry Operation Analysis

- Preliminary study for GNV Ferries of Genoa Italy for a potential new service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Effort focused on a preliminary analysis of the business potential, demand requirements, facility utilization, harbor limitations, marketing and business plan requirements, regulatory requirements, operational planning and potential freight and tourism partnerships.

American Petroleum Institute, USA

: Marine logistics and distribution study for ethanol and bio-fuel network for the American Petroleum Institute. The study involved the origin and destination terminal identification and analysis including the marine transit components for ethanol distribution on the Western Rivers and East/West Coasts of the United States and Canada.

American Petroleum Institute.

Vera Sun Energy, USA

: Marine logistics study for ethanol distribution for Vera Sun Energy which involved an analysis of the marine transportation network in North America and identification of appropriate vessels and operating parameters for delivery of product to key U.S. East Coast terminals.

Denali Pipeline, Alaska, USA

: Marine logistics plan for the Denali High Pressure Gas Pipeline Project which involved the origin and destination analysis of specialty high pressure pipeline manufactured in Europe and Asia. The project goal was a marine logistics plan for handling and delivery of pipeline components covering over 3,000 miles through the U.S. and Canada.

Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario, Canada

: Commodity flow study which involved the planning and analysis of the flow of aggregates on the Great Lakes from source point to Toronto. The study also included cost analysis of vessels, port costs and comparisons to rail and truck transportation.

New York City Department of Sanitation, USA

- Marine portion of the New York City Department of Sanitation ongoing logistics program dealing with the terminal and marine operations related to the transportation of trash from the City to and from marine terminals connecting to inland continental disposal sites.

Bitumen Rail Pipeline Analysis

- Identification and analysis of appropriate ports and marine terminals capable of handling the transshipment of liquid bulk bitumen. The project involved the analysis of appropriate facilities, marine and harbor infrastructure, rail and road access, berth capacity, tank storage and systems, and handling requirements.

U.S. Department of Defense

- Logistics and commodity handling plan for supply operations between Wake Island and the State of Hawaii for the US Department of Defense. The plan involved vessel types, transit planning, cycle times, cargo handling and infrastructure requirements in Hawaii and on Wake Island.

Stockton CA Department of Sanitation

- Infrastructure requirements for facilities and vessels related to the transportation of solid waste from Stockton, California to designated disposal transshipment facilities in San Francisco Bay. San Juan Metro System Equipment Shipment Project- Logistics plan developed to identify ports and arrange for logistics planning, including pricing, associated with the movement of specialized rail equipment from the U.S. Northeast Corridor to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Town of Tisbury, MA

- Marine and port analysis components of the Tisbury Trash Handling Plan which involved the transportation of waste from the Island of Martha’s Vineyard to the New England transshipment handling facilities.

Town of Tisbury

Fresh Water Relief Aid Project

- Transportation segment for the shipment of containerized fresh water from sources in Iceland to various nations stricken by drought for the International Anglican Fellowship Relief Agency.



Yarmouth International Airport, YQI-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

- Completed the Strategic Management Plan based on the goals and objectives of the Board of Directors. The firm developed short and long term strategic goals, a revised staffing plan with job descriptions, updated operations and emergency response plans, leasing and pricing plans and budgeting. The firm also solicited and developed air service for passenger and cargo operations, developed terminal modifications to meet Canadian Customs and Border Services requirements, worked with Board to develop a professional airport management and operations plan and staff training plan. The project also included the business case for a successful provincial grant application.

Portland International Jetport, PWM-Portland, Maine

- Portland International JetportDeveloped and revised the airport Master Plan including passenger operations, cargo activities, fixed based operator development, expanded terminal and parking facilities, new air service, existing terminal modifications, phase 2 runway improvements, property utilization and federal grant applications.



Portland International Jetport, PWM-Portland, Maine

- Managed the design and implementation of a development plan for a fixed based operator expansion including property improvements, request for proposals from qualified candidates, proposal evaluation and acceptance. The project required planning of field and access road improvements and the expansion of hanger capacity for general aviation at the airport.

Portland International Jetport, PWM-Portland, Maine

- Design and bid process, financing and construction of a new $35 million (US) phase one terminal parking garage for airline passengers. Project included the reorientation of airport property including roadways, handling of public relations and communications during construction, developing the finance package for bank approval, managing the internal and public design process, and managing construction elements.

Portland International Jetport, PWM-Portland, Maine

- Managed the design process, bid process and construction of airfield and runway improvements including the lengthening of the main runway, rebuilding of ramps, installation of new air navigation systems, runway lighting improvements, property improvements including wetland mitigation, filling of large field segments, improved drainage and paving. Effort also included federal grant applications and airline discussions to adjust pricing structures to meet finance requirements.

Portland International Jetport, PWM-Portland, Maine

- Airport management including budgets, finance, project management, strategic planning, staffing and staff requirements, federal regulatory compliance, security, grants, public relations, community stakeholder involvement, airport development, traffic, intermodal activities, infrastructure improvements, commercial air carrier service, general aviation, airport tenants, minimum airport standards, and all other executive management and operational components of the airport.

Twin Cities Air Business Express Service

- Developed the business case and coordinated the development of a new air service for business travelers from St. John, NB, YSJ to Portland, Maine PWM. Charter services for any size plane.Project included an analysis of air service potential, suitable aircraft, customer service requirements, market demand, pricing, facility requirements and regulatory requirements including government clearance and security.


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