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  A multi-disciplinary transportation firm dealing in maritime, aviation, rail and logistics planning.
Founded in 1984, the firm is a USDOT qualified DBE registered in the State of Maine and New Hampshire. 

MAI personnel have been responsible for a wide range of professional consulting activities related to multi-modal transportation including port and marine transportation system and facility planning; marine transportation and operations; navigation safety; waterfront master planning; maritime preservation and museum planning; project management; logistics planning; distribution network planning; professional training programs and development; port, maritime and transportation security; and marine operations, including vessel management, safety, security, and cargo handling. Our team has worked on port, waterfront, aviation and related projects throughout the United States and Canada including the development of cruise ship business and facilities.  

Why Marpro? 

  1. We have low overhead so we are very cost effective, 
  2. We provide many services in house, 
  3. We work with you to select the consulting services you need from ours and other firms-the most cost effective approach to outside professional needs,  
  4. We have flexible service structures-hourly, daily, weekly or fixed price, 
  5. We have practical and operational experience that most professional engineering or economic assessment firms do not offer as part of their services, 
  6. We work in-house with your team to brain storm plausible solutions as part of a dynamic process, and  
  7. We focus on long term client relationships and problem solving, not just the production of static studies that will collect dust on a shelf.

MAI also provides advisory support in strategic and master planning to senior executives including dealing with government processes, community issues, business development, media communication, safety and security planning, emergency response, port master planning, marine navigation issues and general port business.  We present a series of scheduled seminars in the US and Canada to port executives on improving port management and operations and developed the Canadian Certified Port Executive Program.   We also work with community and organizational leaders to assist them in understanding and managing the complexities of transportation resources and facilities.

Marpro Associates International provides strategic planning services that undertake a complete range of needed steps to develop an appropriate and inclusive planning process. MAI personnel begin with an assessment of current conditions and layout for the executive management team a suggested methodology that looks at all aspects of a planning process. Beginning with a functionality assessment or other appropriate initial review, the team will devise a step by step process that helps executives understand the foundations for decision making and the information necessary to develop a successful process.

PortlandPortland International Jetport PWM

Portland, Maine


MAI personnel managed the design and implementation of a development plan for a fixed based operator expansion including property improvements, request for proposals from qualified candidates, proposal evaluation and acceptance. The project required planning of field and access road improvements and the expansion of hanger capacity for general aviation at the airport.

Churchill, Manitoba-

Churchill, Manitoba Master Plan Master Seaport Plan which looked at port and rail transportation infrastructure including supply chain activities related to the transportation of commodities to the communities around Hudson Bay. The project also required a comprehensive review of infrastructure and operations and development of a strategic action plan for port and transportation improvements.

Marine navigation analysis of the port to determine port limitations in regard to vessel size and identification of marine aids to navigation enhancements.


Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Master Plan

Project Manager-Master Seaport Plan for Yarmouth Nova Scotia. The project focused on a redevelopment of port properties to optimize them for community and marine business use. It also looked at freight and commodity movement and potential connections between Nova Scotia and New England including freight and passenger services.


Portland Maine Waterfront Planning

Portland Maine Waterfront


Maine State Pier Operations and Redevelopment

Maine State Pier Operations and Redevelopment



As executive advisors to the management team, we provide vetting services to port, airport, and public officials based on a wide base of available data and project experience, in essence ...
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