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From the Desk of Captain Jeffrey Monroe

The International Association of Maritime and Port Professionals

November 16, 2015


From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives




Transport Canada (TC) and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) First District would like to remind you of the upcoming bi-national tabletop exercise (TTX), with the objective to further Maritime Commerce Resilience (MCR) planning in the Atlantic region; an initiative of the Canada-United States Beyond the Border Action Plan.  The exercise will be held at the Ocean Gateway Terminal, 14 Ocean Gateway Pier, Portland, ME 04101 November 19, 2015, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  See the attached flyer.



Representatives from the USCG Headquarters Office of Port & Facility Compliance (CG-FAC) Strategic will be conducting visits to ports across the country to meet with industry representatives to discuss cybersecurity.  The goal of these visits is for the USCG to better understand how cyber-connected systems are integrated into operations.  This information will serve three main purposes:

1.    Increase the USCG’s understanding of how cyber systems are integrated into operations in the maritime domain,

2.    Increase the USCG’s understanding of impacts from potential exploitation of those cyber systems,

3.    Identify best practices and lessons learned for how industry is addressing cyber risks.

Information provided by ports  will be valuable inputs to this critical initiative.  Three to four USCG representatives will meet at port locations at a predetermined time and location.  Meeting will last for approximately 4 hours.  Requested participants include Facility Security Officers, IT personnel, Operations Managers, Owner/Operators.  The USCG representatives will ask questions with the goal to identify the following which include Operations.  Key functions and understand where critical systems may exist ;Cyber systems.  The types of systems that are deployed in your operations.  This information will be collected at the system-type level (e.g., Fire Alarm System) and not at the software vendor or version level; Potential System Exploitations.  Set ways in which each system might be exploited to cause adverse consequences.  Priority will be placed on critical systems and both safety and security incidents will be considered.  The focus is on the way these types of systems could be exploited, not specific vulnerabilities of your systems; Mitigation practices.  Types of activities are typically used to mitigate those risks and determine best practices across the industry.  The USCG representatives will share relevant best practices with you that apply to your systems.  Information will be kept confidential and no proprietary business information will be disclosed to the public or other businesses.  Information will be encrypted and segmented.  Any information that is shared, such as best practices, will be aggregated and anonymized.  For additional information, please contact LCDR Josh Rose at:




The US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee has approved the “Strengthening Cyber security and Coordination in Our Ports Act of 2015”, introduced by Representative Norma Torres (D-CA). The bill seeks to improve information sharing and cooperation in addressing cyber security risks at U.S. ports. H.R. 3878 was approved by the Committee, but it is not known when the bill might move to the House floor.

The bill would require the federal government to

  • direct each Coast Guard captain of the port to establish a working group to facilitate the sharing of information and develop plans to address port-specific cybersecurity vulnerabilities,
  • perform maritime security risk assessments to include cyber security risks to our nation’s ports and the U.S. maritime border, and
  • address cyber security threats to any new area maritime security plan and facility plan developed after the bill’s enactment.



Our first seminar in Portland attracted a wide range of veterans and merchant mariners eager to learn about our industry.  The seminar will covered trends in the industry, how ports and terminals fit in the worldwide transportation system, and how veterans and merchant mariners can find opportunities in key occupations in these industries.   Participants are asked to provide resumes which will be provided to port and terminal sponsors.  Thank you to our sponsors: the Maine Port Authority; SDG Ports; Marpro Associates International; HDR; the Portland Longshoremen’s Benevolent Society (ILA Local 861); Maher Terminals; Satellite Logistics; Lindsay Gidney; and Birney, Frederick, Quinlan, Tupper LLC and the Portland Regency Hotel.  We hope to do one in the New York area next in the spring, and future programs in Houston, New Orleans and the West Coast.




Registration is now open for our next MPM-MPE Executive Port Management Program.  Location is the Port Manatee Training Center in Florida from January 25 to 29.  Applications for both programs are available from the IAMPE at or by calling 207 239-2726.




I want to extend a thank you to the US Coast Guard, the Commandant and the NMSAC Washington DC staff, and especially my fellow committee members for their support and good work during my tenure as chair of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee.  I was honored by the presentation of the USCG Meritorious Service Award and Medal as I stepped down after 20 years of service on Federal Advisory Committees.  The citation in part read for “notable services that have assisted greatly in furthering the aims and functions of the US Coast Guard.”  During my time there, my colleagues and I were instrumental in the development of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Rulemaking, Homeland Security needs and expertise related to national maritime security, we assisted in the rules regarding seafarer access, assisted with efforts related to maritime cyber security and helped develop the DHS Strategy to Enhance the International Supply Chain.  It was a great team effort and my deepest appreciation to all those who served.


Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. Members, thank you to our veterans who served in the U.S. and Canada-honored on our respective Veterans/Remembrance Days.

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