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IAMPE Port Notes 29 September 2014

From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives



1.     Cyber Security Discussion

PD 13136-Cybersecurity by Presidential Executive Order focused on each national business sector.  USCG handles marine transportation.  GAO audit noted some weaknesses including cyber security in risk assessment planning.

USCG is setting up parallel process to address cyber security which focuses on a risk assessment tool. What is the consequence?  Connect risk with consequence. Map the network, what happens if something goes wrong, method of looking at each segment, voluntary analysis of risk assessment, not a silo effort but not over duplication of effort, eventually move toward regulations, should be targeted regulations, look and see what logistics companies are doing, seek industry best practices and not do a top down regulation framework, USCG has cyber risk assessment experts but only 3-low capacity and looking for additional budget or use third party,.

2.     Suspicious Activity

Single standard under MTSA and CT-PAT for compliance, there are some different standards for government programs that need to be aligned, NMSAC passed the proposed resolution.

3.     Radiation Portal Monitoring and Technology based Application Requirements


4.     Public Presentation-Computer Based Training Programs, effectiveness of Portstar program-DHS funded program.


5.     AMEC Discussion


Collect and share information between AMEC’s.  Revise MSCC (Maritime Sector Coordinating Council). Communication an issue but previously presented and discussed.  Lisa Himber to lead the sub-committee.




John Fetterman will be asked to lead a sub committee to develop general guidelines for standards.


7.     MARSEC Changes

MARSEC notifications are well tuned in a region.  How does this get communicated to national or international entities in real time. Many built in tools already in place. Committee: Jeff Monroe, John Crowley, Bill Dewitt (SSA),Larry Laverriere, Ralph Gogliettino and Cosmo Perrone.


8.     USCG Security Survey-


A survey has been distributed to Area Maritime Security Committee and NMSAC members.  Preliminary results in but survey participation still open till Nov 1. Early results show an above average of satisfaction but a concern about complacency.



There will be a series of Public Meetings on cyber security beginning in January which will be hosted by the USCG nationally. There may be possible changes to regulations (NAVIC).

Summary:  Add cyber security language under current MTSA requirements including a risk assessment of a situation that may lead to a TSI (Transportation Security Incident).  Take into account industry best practices which are already in place. Given the wide range of potential threats, it’s very difficult to regulate specifics.  Need evaluation standards for USCG under MTSA.  This will have to evolve with experience.  There needs to be a level of some example to place things in context as well as the understanding of the consequences and their severity, as well as the impacts.  The USCG should be open to allowing the industry to respond in their security plans as to how they would approach cyber security.  The key questions: What are the issues, what is the government doing internally and what can industry do to support those efforts.


AGENDA ITEMS NEXT MEETING: Proposed for Spring 2015

A.    Unmanned airborne and underwater vehicles

B.    Guidelines for training standards for non-federal law enforcement personnel

C.    AMSEC inter-committee communications

D.    MARSEC notification processes

E.    Feedback on USCG surveys and cyber security meetings

F.    Feedback on Suspicious Activity reporting

G.    Agency reports (USCG, TSA, USCBPS, FEMA,other).



SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Acceptance and endorsement of the sub-committee report and resolution on Suspicious Activity reporting.

WILLIAM EGLINTON, MEMBER: Recognizing and thanking the late Bill Eglinton for his contributions to NMSAC and a letter to be sent from DHS to his family. He passed away just prior to attending the meeting.  The committee observed a moment of silence and acknowledged his extensive contribution to the committee and his hard work on behalf of labor in the maritime industry.  

BETH ROONEY MEMBER: Recognizing and thanking Beth Rooney for her contributions to NMSAC and a letter to be sent from DHS to her.  Ms. Rooney stepped down from the committee.

Capt. Jeffrey Monroe, Chair




Congratulations to those who have recently completed Port Executive Training in New Orleans and Port Newark:  Bethann Rooney, Deputy Director of the Port of New York/New Jersey; John Hillin, Chief Safety and Security Division, USCG-NY, William Scriber, Manager of Administration, Port of Oswego, NY; Sara Russel Briggs, Lecturer in Maritime and Supply Chain Management, Old Dominion University; Stephen Lyman, Operations Manager, Seamen’s Church Institute, New York/New Jersey; Brandy Christian, Vice President-Strategy and Business Development, Unified Port of San Diego; Paul Zimmermann, Director of Operations, Port of New Orleans; Linda Paaymans, Vice President of Finance, Alabama State Port Authority; Patrick Dufresne <executive Director/CEO, Port Manchac Louisiana; Johann Steinmann, Training and Security Coordinator, Westshore Terminals Vancouver BC and a bleated congratulations to Denise Stufflebeam, Director of Administration, Port Manatee, FL.


Professional development program are available through the IAMPE (next course program is October 27 to Oct 30 in Portland, Maine. 


Courses are also available through the American Association of Port Authorities and commercially available through the MacDonnell Group of Halifax, NS



Fall is here.  Enjoy! 



Enhancement of MARSEC Notification Processes.pdf

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