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Port Notes August 27, 2014

From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe
International Association of Maritime and Port Executives

Federal Maritime Commission to Hold Forums on Port Congestion

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) will host a series of regional forums titled, "U.S. Port Congestion: Examining Causes, Impact on Stakeholders and Exploring Possible Solutions." The forums will take place on the West Coast, East Coast, Southeast Coast and Gulf Coast. The first forum will be held at the Port of Los Angeles on September 15 in the port’s administration building moderated by the FMC Chairman Mario Cordero. The second forum will be at the Port of Baltimore’s World Trade Center, Baltimore Inner Harbor, on October 1. Moderator is FMC Commissioner William Doyle. A Southeast forum and a Gulf forum are also planned, with dates and locations yet to be announced. For additional information see the Federal Maritime Commission web site at

NMSAC Announces Fall Meeting

The National Maritime Security Advisory Committee will hold its fall 2014 meeting at the USCG Sector Baltimore Office on September 16 and 17. The agenda and directions will be included in a future Port Notes.

Offshore Wind Energy Survey Available

A survey completed by Wind Energy Update is now available. The survey group spoke with spoke with senior level executives at the leading utilities, developers and independent power producers working in offshore wind. The results have been compiled into a snapshot summary showing where the key stakeholders are placing budgets, awarding contracts and looking to supply chains. For further information or the copy of the survey, look at

IAMPE Congratulations

The international Association of Maritime and Port Executives would like to congratulate all those who over the past year have completed the Certified Port Executive (CPE) Program offered commercially through the MacDonnell Group of Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Maritime Port Executive (MPE) Program offered through the IAMPE and those who completed the Professional Port Manager (PPM) Program offered through the American and Canadian Associations of Port Authorities. (There are so many that they are too numerous to name in this notice). Additional information as well as class and conference schedules are available on their respective web sites.

On That Note
The IAMPE has asked me to undertake the role of Manager of Education and Training for the organization. As most of you are aware, I have over the last 6 years been training professional port executives and senior military personnel through the US and Canada. The professionals who have taken the range of programs, nearly 700, include not only Canadians and Americans but those who have taken classes from the Caribbean basin and as far west as Singapore. These have included port professionals, vessel operators, logistics professionals, pilots, terminal managers, stevedores, ship/tug personnel, railroad managers, trucking interests, warehouse operators and a host of other transportation executives. For me personally, it has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to continuing those programs as well as working with the IAMPE. IAMPE has worked with their Advisory Board to establish professional development and training standards for Maritime and Port Professionals. The IAMPE is also working with undergraduate institutions including a maritime academy, as well as several ports, to establish training programs and venues that reach into the next generation of maritime and port career oriented students. I am personally very happy to be part of the IAMPE efforts and we will continue to work with all of you to support your efforts as well as raise the bar for personal development in our industry.

For additional information see

My best wishes for the fall.

Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM, CPE
Manager, Education and Training-IAMPE

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